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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation
Bath yourself in the frequency of the crystal singing bowls. Each of the 7 bowls corresponds to a specific chakra and resonate to clear and subtle energy body through harmonic tuning resonance. Bring yoda mat, pillows and blankets. Bath yourself in tranquility.

Diamond Center

851 Pleasant Valley Road · Diamond Springs, CA


What we're about

The intention of the Diamond Springs Center of Healing Arts and training and the Placerville Drumming Circle is to offer members of the community a safe and nurturing place to receive spiritual healing and guidance. We desire to enhance the community's relationship with Spirit so that its members can experience the beauty, power and personal healing found while learning the Spiritual and Nature path. For those called to be shamanic practitioners for the purpose of serving others, or who want to deepen their relationship with Spirit for their own spiritual healing, the circle offers basic and advanced courses in Shamanism and also other Traditions.

We also offer gatherings with the ascended masters, angelic and galactic realms. In particular Saint Germain and the city of Telos at Mt.Shasta. We teach about the seven sacred flames and the Ascension Ceremony. We have teachers in numerology and astrology. There is flower essences and sacred oils, psychics and Mediums. We will offer something for everyone.

The Temple is new and there will be a new event calendar. Stay Tuned for a marvelous adventure

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