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Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation
This is a Buddhist meditation and dharma study group. The format for our group is Kalyana Mitta which means a gathering of spiritual friends. We begin at 6:30 and close at 8:00. We start promptly with a 45 minute silent meditation so please come before 6:30. But If you happen to be late, just come in quietly and take a seat. We have a brief tea break after meditation which is followed by discussion and teaching based on our study text, "8 Steps to Happiness" by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. The text encompasses the Four Noble Truths which culminate with the 8 Fold Path. You will most certainly benefit from participating in this group whether you are a seasoned meditator, a long-time Buddhist, or if you have no previous experience at all. The facilitators are Will Lister and Annie Katz. We hope that you will join us. There is no fee or charge.

Baha'i Faith

484 Main St Ste 6 · Diamond Springs

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Group meditation with guidance. Dharma talk (a Buddhist teaching). The meditation group leader has been approved by Spirit Rock Meditation Center to provide teachings in the community. Group is useful to the experienced practitioner as well as the curious.

There is a local, non-Meetup mailing list. For more information and to be on that list, please contact Will (see Will's profile page and click "Send Email").
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This site will be used, as above, to inform people how to connect with the group's email list. I, Ken, am site administrator, but not organizing the actual meditation events.

There are hopes for future events such as half-day/full-day nature retreats in the form of hikes in silence (silent for part of the event, discussion and socializing is also included). If you like that idea or have suggestions, please drop a note to the group organizer, Ken [Ken] (

You may join this Meetup site if you choose, in case the site becomes active again and you'd like to be notified of events. We prefer that you be local or willing to visit the area such that you would actually attend events.

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