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Jim Haley Speaks at Plainfield Business Referrals Weekly Meeting
Jim Haley Mortgage Loan Officer will be describing how to use reverse mortgages as a retirement tool or to purchase a home with zero monthly payments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Networking is a lot of fun! Business networking is when a group of like-minded business people gather and help each other. ... The networking group shares ideas, marketing and management tips, and makes referrals to each other, giving as well as receiving referrals. All participants get to know each other and the member's businesses, and meet with a common goal... to help and support each other by providing genuine opportunities to do business with their own extended network of contacts. If one of my contacts expresses an interest in a service or product offered by one of my contacts, I have a relationship with a knowledgeable and honest provider. I feel comfortable sharing his contact information, and know he will take great care of my contact. It is like having a dozen businesses cheerleading your business. It works! Plainfield Business Referrals, Inc meets weekly for breakfast and it is a great way to meet with old friends and greet new ones! Business owners and managers are invited to visit and find out if we can fit into your marketing plans. Stop in! We're not just Plainfield! If your business is located in the area (informally 10 miles??), we welcome you and look forward to meeting you.

Larry’s Diner

1131 W Lockport St · Plainfield, il

What we're about

NOTE: We have a special need for a chiropractor, dentist, auto mechanic, carpenter, and other specific professionals.

How Our Businesses Work Together
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Meeting Format
Each meeting starts off with your 30 second commercial, a short blurb about yourself and your business. Next, we do what we do best, and pass referrals to each other. Each week, we one of our member businesses has the opportunity to showcase their business for 10 minutes. Bring plenty of business cards with you as we pass our business cards around the tables.

- Business Referrals from member to member grows your business (and ours!!)
- Business listing on our website with contact information and brief description
- Your business contact information printed inside our brochure
- Your business cards are located at selected local business locations
- A forum with other business owners and share business tips
- Business Open Houses at members locations
- Joint marketing for the group itself and your business
- Find a strategic business partner to help grow your business
- Exclusive membership in Plainfield's Oldest Referral group!!!

Interested in joining our group?
We would love to have you as our guest to our next weekly meeting. We are limited to having 30 members in our group and 1 person per business category. Your welcome to attend your first meeting as our guest, if you are interested in joining the group, you can submit our informational application, which asks for contact information and a little about your services.

Business Owners/Managers Come Join Us
You can visit as our guest free to meet us. If you choose to join us there is a one-time joining fee of $10.00 and $10.00 per month dues. Members pay for their own breakfast, if any. It is a very low cost to belong to one of the oldest referral groups in the area.

Larry's Diner
1131 W Lockport St just west of downtown Plainfield, IL
From 7:30am to 8:30am every Tuesday
Please email us with any questions at or contact any of our members.

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