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Do you feel an urge to explore the hidden glory of this beautiful world?Have you got your Brains cells crushing with the routine?Need an escape into the solitude of the lush greens,mountains, and waterfalls?Are you searching to view life from a fresh perspective? Do you often end up with lots of plans but no positive direction? No more fuss now, Yeah! Congrats, you discovered the key to your happiness - ‘Plan The Unplanned’! We take you for crazy treks,hiking,explorations and let your inner self electrified making your every single cell alive!

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Ladakh Tour - Plan The Unplanned

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Take a step back from your city life and indulge yourself in the Ladakh tour! With breathtaking views, vibrant culture, dusty mountains and the land of high passes and hairpin turn, the Ladakh Tour is your next adventure.

Ladakh is a wonderful combination of serenity and mayhem, with moonlight valleys, alpine slopes, dangerous paths, and strong rivers, offering something for everyone. Whether an individual seeks the excitement of driving on high motorable passes or tries to achieve a serene mind by studying the Buddha’s words in a monastery, the Ladakh tour offers it all. One of the many reasons why Ladakh draws so many wandering visitors, not just from India but from all over the globe, is the essence of Buddhist culture that can be found across the enormous region. Leh, the capital city of Ladakh, has more to offer!

A place that has a zeal for soothing and exhilarating, Leh is known for its pristine and stunning environment and monasteries. Leh is also popularly known as the Land of Llamas or Little Tibet. Something you should not miss out on when in Leh is the native food, especially the Gur Gur Cha, a form of butter tea that keeps you warm, and the momos, which have journeyed from Tibet.

Because you’ll be over 14000 feet for more than 300 kilometres on your road trip, dealing with AMS will be a top priority. Our leaders will conduct health surveys from time to time. Do let them know if you’re experiencing anything unusual.

Here’s to you experiencing the Nubra Valley, Sangam, Magnetic hill, Pangong Tso, cruising through Khardung La and various other passes, lakes, and stupas on your journey on road in this exciting 6-day Ladakh tour adventure!

With that established, the team at Plan the Unplanned invites you to join them on a 6-day off-the-beaten-path Ladakh Tour. You’ll be doing a lot of things in addition to receiving frequent boosts of adrenaline. Read the schedule and make your next reservation.

Here is a brief itinerary of the Ladakh Tour with Plan the Unplanned:

Trip Highlights

- You will be covering 9 places in one union territory.
- Traversing from Leh to Nubra Valley through the Highest Motorable Road in the world, Khardung La.
- Visiting Diskit Monastery on the way to Pangong Tso on Day 4.
- Subjected to time, you will be visiting Shey Palace to see the 12-metre-tall gold-gilded Buddha statue and Thiksey Monastery, known to have been the biggest monastery in Central Ladakh.
- Heading to Leh through one of the highest passes in the world, Chang La Pass.
- Apart from these, go to uncountable sightseeing places including the Hall of Fame, Shanti Stupa, and Magnetic Hills to load your soul with memories.


- Start & End Point
Start Point: Leh, End Point: Leh

- Duration
5 Nights/6 Days

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Scuba Diving at Netrani Island – Murudeshwar

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If you are seeking some underwater adventure and wondering where to go, we are here to put a pause to your thoughts and take you for the most amazing experience of your life! Well, we believe it’s time you tick SCUBA DIVING off your bucket list, and what’s more, do it right off the coast of Murdeshwara, in the waters of Netrani Island!

Plan The Unplanned is all set to take you for an exciting trip to Netrani Island, which has one of the clearest diving sites in India. Well, for Bangaloreans, this isn’t anything short of an adventure, to know that Karnataka has its own diving site and it’s just stone throw away! Being a coral island, the area is perfectly suited for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Day 0

Leave from Bangalore at 6.30 PM (approx)

Day 1

Reach campsite at around 8:30, freshening and Breakfast

Trek to Kagal Fort ( Approx 10 30 AM )
Heaven Beach
Packed Lunch
Small Heaven Beach
Mystery Cave
Trek do via Fisherman’s Village to reach Aghanashini Port
Head to Mangodlu Beach
Sunset at Vannali Beach
Drive back to Campsite
Dinner and Bonfire
Sleep under the starlit sky and rest for the day

Day 2

Early morning freshen up & breakfast

Leave to Murudeshwar by 6:00
Start your ride to Netrani Islands (40 KM ferry ride)
Briefing about the dive sites and wildlife / Basic lessons about Scuba Diving will be given by Trained Instructors on the way to the Islands
Diving at Netrani for 30 to 40 min and snorkeling
Journey back to Murudeshwar Beach
Self-Sponsored Dinner
Head off to Bangalore and Reach approx by 6:00 AM on Day 3

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Kumta Beach Trek - Plan The Unplanned

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Beach, the magnificent beauty of nature could strike the right cord when one wants to break out from their mundane life. This journey lets you explore a beautiful coastal town Kumta, situated in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. It is surrounded by secluded beaches where you can experience serene sunsets. This beach trek is all about hopping across beaches one after the other. The adventure starts with witnessing Kagal fort and enjoying the scenic beauty of Heaven Beach, Small Heaven Beach, Mystery Cave Beach, Mangodlu Beach, Vannali Beach and waterfalls amidst the forest.

This small, yet gorgeous town, Kumta is all about its breathtaking water bodies. Heaven Beach, as the name itself radiates the magic of this beach. Small Heaven beach is one of the most peaceful and undisturbed beaches in Kumta. Similarly, Mangodlu and Vannali beaches are going to fill you up with positive vibes. This vacation is going to be one of its kind since you are going to be the fortunate one to experience all of it at once, be it the massive sparkly beaches, the fort, hilly terrains, a game of Volleyball on the beach, the waterfalls, bonfire, picturesque sunset and most importantly memories with your fellow trekkers. So, without giving it a second thought book your ticket and experience a beach holiday like never before!

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Dzukou Valley Trek – Nagaland

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We at Plan The Unplanned are always looking for new and exotic locales to uncover and we’re happy to say that next up is one of the most desired trek routes in Nagaland – The Dzukou Valley Trek!

The vast expanses of green hill slopes, the surreal presence of pearly white clouds and the gleaming mountain tops make for a dream-like trekking route. Located at an altitude of 2450 meters, The Dzukou Valley, located at the bottom of a large crater of an extinct volcano is by far the best trekking routes in the whole of Nagaland.

The trekking trail to reach the Dzukou Valley is going to leave you breathless, make you feel inspired and test your endurance all at once – making this trail very special! As you make your way up towards the valley be prepared for a real feast for the eyes because you are going to witness the magnificence of rolling hillocks covered by a thick blanket of green forests, the tranquil beauty of aqua blue water paving its way through the middle of the valley and glorious assortment of flowers that fill the valley with colour and light.

The steep trek upwards followed by 2-3 hours of walking through thick bamboo thickets and deep forest land, you will understand why this trail is considered the best trek routes in Nagaland. For all you avid trekkers, adventure seekers and photography enthusiasts, this testing trek expedition will be totally worth the captivating views along this special journey. If you aren’t excited by this chance for a new adventure yet – just take a look at the magical images of the valley and you’ll be as blown away as we are! Come discover the most charming spot in the North East with PlanTheUnplanned and tick another adventure off your travel bucket list – book your spot now!


  • Trek Type: Grasslands
  • Trek Grade: Easy – Moderate ( Difficulty Level is subjective )
  • Trek Altitude: 8,000 ft
  • Trek Distance: 25 km ( to & fro )
  • Trek Duration: 4 Nights/4 Days ( Guwahati – Guwahati )
  • Trek Region: Dzoku Valley, Nagaland

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