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This group was created to discuss the skills gap that will be caused by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things. What does this all mean, let alone how will it affect me or my company? This meetup was created to solve these questions and more.

This group is for anyone interested in the topic and who is a functional operational leader and or manager in a company that will be affected by the skills gap from rapid technology automation. Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, IT, and Marketing. All levels are welcome.

1. We will have a speaker at every meeting to discuss the changes coming as a result of RPA, AI, ML and IOT. 20 minutes

2. Predictions and Insights of future trends shaping education, the workplace, home life and human behavior. 20 minutes

3. Round Table discussions on What If scenarios that will identify functions immediately being affected by this workforce automation and how to build an action plan for the change. Example of some questions we will discuss:

What skills do I need to develop to prepare myself?
What skills does my company need that I should start acquiring/building in my workforce?
How can I help my employees (for both big and small companies) manage the skills gap and plan for the future?
40 minutes with a wrap up summary discussion of 10 min to share insights from groups.

4. Resource links, Articles and Tools will be shared at each group.

5. Networking & Building support from other like-minded professionals.

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Executive Panel discussion on Robotic Process Automation

Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent:Bell Laboratories)

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