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Open to all fellow Wine Enthusiasts, Lovers of Great Food and Vineyard Adventures. Our goal is to enjoy all aspects of Wine. From Wine Tasting, Wine Education, Wine Pairing, Cooking Classes, Wine-and-Food Events, Private Parties and any other enjoyment of the Grape we can think of. We will be moving our Meetups to different locations to best sample different Wines, Food, and Ambiances. Everyone's welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs.

You won't be expected to spend a fortune at our events, and it's absolutely ok if you don't "speak wine" -- if, for instance, you don't know a Merlot from a Mourvedre (or that both of them are types of grapes), or whether "tannic" is a good thing or not. The best way to learn, and to explore the world of wine, so that you begin to have a better idea of what wines you enjoy most, is to taste wine in a relaxed setting, and that's just what we have in mind. So even if your knowledge only goes as far as Red vs White, you're in the right place. Our motto: "Relax...it's just grape juice!"

On the other hand, if you're a genuine wine connoisseur (I actually prefer the term "wine geek" -- wine is pretentious enough without using scary words) who would like to find fellow Enthusiasts with whom to share those special bottles, well, you're in the right place too. Many have spent years and even decades exploring and developing their love of wine. In other words, we're an inspired but fun-loving group of Wine Enthusiasts who know that the best thing in the world is to find that unbelievable wine at an equally unbelievable price, and then to enjoy it with good company.

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Destinations Wine Bar

Enjoying Wine at a New Wine Bar...Destinations Wine Bar

Destinations Wine Bar

Wine and a lil Travel Education at Barnhill Vineyard

BarnHill Vineyard

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