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What we’re about

Are you beginning to get messages or have visions that you don't understand? Are you seeking answers and looking for like-minded individuals who can help you to understand what is happening? This is all part of the great Shift in Consciousness that is taking place in great force right now and many are having such experiences.

Everyone has "psychic" abilities.  Some of these gifts are very close to surface and some of you may have experienced some of them: "knowing" when someone is going to call you before the phone rings; or seeing auras or orbs; and some may be receiving messages (or signs) from non-physical beings (this is called mediumship or channeling spirit).  There are also many other types of psychic talents, i.e. telepathy, telekinesis, dowsing or working with pendulums, even bilocation (astral projection).
The most popular is channeling because everyone is receiving messages, signs and 'nudges' from their guiding ones and others.

This is a safe space where everyone can tap into their intuition and channel their inner wisdom. Our meetings are highly interactive and include a short talk on a topic, guest appearances, guided meditations, breakout activities and discussions.

For those new to this community, I'm honored to introduce myself as the creator of the transformative Triple Quantum Reset. This pioneering technique integrates transformative energy healing, designed to unlock innate potential and facilitate holistic wellness. Through this method, individuals experience a profound release from mental and emotional barriers, allowing them to transcend limitations and achieve a state of comprehensive well-being.

Additionally, I proudly serve as the founder of The Athena Circle - an empowering platform dedicated to nurturing growth, purpose alignment, and holistic success among women leaders worldwide.

I look forward to connecting with each of you and sharing our collective wisdom in our upcoming meetings.