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Plant Powered Metro New York is catalyzing the local movement for vibrant health through whole-food, plant based (WFPB) nutrition. We empower and support people who have chosen this diet and lifestyle, raise awareness locally about the tremendous health benefits, and seek to bring about communal change. We are an independent member organization of the PlantPure Communities Pod Network.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our network at any place along the journey to health. Whether you are coming to this way of life via The China Study or Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Forks Over Knives or Dr. Greger, Engine2 or Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, you will find a community of like-minded friends who are learning from each other and eager to bring the benefits of WFPB nutrition to the wider community.

Our meetings are held at various locations throughout the boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and soon will include New Jersey as well.

To learn more, visit us at www.ppmny.org and join our mailing list.

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Culinary Master Class with Chef Carole

Online event

Since March, we've watched Chef Carole Levy prepare some of the most delicious plant-based recipes with seasonal ingredients and tried out new skills and flavors. Now it's your turn to join in her two-hour master class with a small group of people to get personalized coaching online -- the next best thing to having her in your kitchen! In this special mini-fundraiser for Plant Powered Metro New York, we're making Indian Shepherd Pie with lentils, greens, and a classic mashed potato topping. The ingredients list will be sent one week in advance. Recipes will be sent the day before the class, along with the Zoom link. To participate, here's what you'll need: Please practice setting up your computer or phone so that you can have a steady camera view of you and your cooking space/counter that can be rotated if needed. We're asking everyone to log in 20-30 minutes before the class starts to ensure that your technology is working properly and your view is optimal so there are no distractions from Chef Carole's coaching. We want to use the time well and wisely! Please review these more detailed tech considerations before signing up for the class. Assemble your basic kitchen tools: a cutting board, a sharp chef's knife, a serrated knife, a 4-quart pot, a sauté pan, a casserole pan, and a working stove. Four spots are available with a $200 donation ($150 is tax-deductible). A fifth spot is sponsored by an anonymous donor and available to the lucky winner of a raffle. Purchase a raffle ticket for $10, and we'll notify you by Sunday, September 27th if you've won a spot! If you would like to purchase more than one $10 raffle ticket, please add an additional donation divisible by 10 on the check-out page. Questions? Please contact Lynn Diamond, PPMNY Associate Network Director, [masked]. **Due to the small class size, we will keep a wait list. If you receive a spot and find out later that you can't use it, please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the spot to someone else. We will open a second class on Thursday, October 22, if enough people join the wait list. Registration link: https://bit.ly/2FHwuOc

Skip the Waste: How to Make a No-Packaging Vegetable Stew

If you're on the path to vibrant health with plant-based nutrition, you've probably noticed that eating more whole foods can reduce the amount of packaging you're taking home from the store. What's more, the ecological benefits of eating a plant-based diet include a big reduction in our carbon footprint and our personal contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. But what would it take to get to the next level, zero-waste -- that is, no single-use packaging at all? Learn the simple formula to making a hearty no-package vegetable stew -- perfect for the fall season -- in this engaging demo led by sustainability leader, author, and TEDx speaker Joshua Spodek, PhD. Register here: https://bit.ly/3iOlVHu

The Impact of Diet on Fortifying Health in a Covid World

Presented together with Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan Healthy eating is a common-sense approach to maintaining health and resilience during this stressful time. Hooman Yaghoobzadeh, MD, FACC, a Weill Cornell/NewYork-Presbyterian cardiologist will discuss the power of whole food, plant-based nutrition in addressing inflammation, vascular health, obesity, and viral susceptibility, as well as issues in the meat-packing industry. More details will follow, and registration through Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan will be posted in September.

Virtual Potlucks + Recipe Swap

Online event

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month for a casual virtual space to connect, share stories, and swap meal ideas for healthy living. We'll gather via Zoom over dinner hour and show each other what we're eating! If you're struggling with the plant-based transition, now is the time to ask your questions and find support from like-minded members of the PPMNY community. Registrants will be invited to share a favorite whole food, plant-based recipe through a simple online form -- either the meal you've prepared for the "potluck" or one you've enjoyed this season. A Zoom meeting link will be sent to participants on the day of this event.

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Power-Up Westchester!

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