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This group is for anyone looking to develop a deep spiritual connection with plants and learn how to receive intuitive guidance from nature.

Plant Yoga is a practice of tuning into subtle realms and receiving messages from nature through deeply listening to plant music. Plant music is created by measuring subtle fluctuations of plant biorhythms and translating them into sound. These fluctuations are, in part, a result of a plant's response to its environment - both in realms humans can experience and those that only a plant can sense. You can listen to live streaming plant music at http://Plants.FM

Plant Yoga practitioners will guide you in exploring the relationship between changes in plant music and your thoughts, feelings and actions. Participants may experience correlation between bodily sensations and changes in a plant’s music, prompting them to tune into their feelings and allow hidden meaning to unfold. This practice can be carried into daily life, leading to a more intimate connection with intuitive guidance and the ability to access greater peace and serenity.

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Plant Music Immersion with Data Garden

Mystic Journey

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