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A Dialog with Professor Greg Cavenaugh – the ambiguity of “spirituality”
Join Plato's Cave philosophers and UU Inquiring Minds this Sunday morning, November 18 at 9:00 for: A Dialog with Professor Greg Cavenaugh – the ambiguity of “spirituality” Assistant Professor of Communication, Rollins College Awarded faculty member who has most contributed to diversity and inclusion at Rollins College in 2013. Frequent speaker at UUUS. In the United States of the 21st century, few words are as immediately freighted with assumptions of partisanship, difference, and division than the word “religion.” People who frame themselves as “religious” often define themselves in opposition to what they regard as an increasingly amoral, secular U.S. society; meanwhile, people who describe themselves as “not religious” often describe religion as something akin to a cult lacking any social benefits. By comparison, people from both groups tend to respond more positively to the word “spiritual” and may even find ways to meet and talk with each other about their spiritual experiences. Using the concept of “a higher power” as understood in many addiction recovery programs, Dr. Cavenaugh explores how the ambiguity of “spirituality” may help build bridges between various groups that would otherwise be at odds over their religious differences. Join the discussion – be educated; be wise. –Steve Coffee? Of course. Notice: Suggested future solo 10-15 minute talks. SIGN UP TO INTRODUCE FUTURE TALKS: Please submit discussion subjects that YOU are willing to introduce for future discussions. The introductions should be about 10-15 minutes.

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Welcome to Plato's Cave where, as prisoners of this realm, we seek enlightenment through inquiry, reflection and cordial dialog.

If you are interested in discussing philosophy, philosophers, and related subjects, I hope that you will consider joining Plato's Cave. We are delighted that you have found us, and we hope that your participation with our group will be mutually enjoyable. I personally look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our band of amateur philosophers. Our meetings are usually held on one Sunday afternoon each month. However recently, Plato's Cave philosophers have joined "Inquiring Minds" for a series of academically oriented, "Great Courses" lectures on Sunday mornings. Our meeting locations are disclosed only to members. Because we are a small group by design, with limited meeting space, only 20 members can participate in a given discussion. As a result of this limitation, members are expected to strictly honor their reservations. Members can reserve a place by noting your RSVP "yes" on our Meetup web page. Of course, we realize that unexpected schedule conflicts may occasionally arise. On those occasions, we simply request that you update your RSVP as soon as possible so that another interested member or guest, who may be on the 'waiting list', can participate in the discussion.

Here are a few expectations to keep in mind:

- Cordial dialog and respect for the opinions of others is expected.

- Political or religious proselytizing is discouraged except as such may fall within the scope of the discussion topic.

- Promoting or selling commercial products is discouraged.

- Inactive members are removed from the member list after a period of non-participation. (Visiting our web site demonstrates a member's continuing interest and counts as participation.)

- Before committing yourself to attend a Plato's Cave meeting, it is strongly recommended that you visit our discussion and files sections and familiarize yourself with the suggested reading materials on the selected topic in order to fully participate in the discussion.

I hope that those reasonable expectations don't discourage you from joining a truly fun and interesting group of amateur philosophers.

Finally, before being accepted as a member, for purposes of introduction, we do request that you briefly answer three simple questions: 1) Tell us a little about yourself and your interest in philosophy; 2)Which two or three programs from the Plato's Cave past meetings interest you the most?; 3) Do you accept the member guidelines described in the Plato's Cave 'about' section?

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