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This is a group for anyone interested in a simple game of catch. If you like being outdoors and miss the simplicity of childhood summers, look no further. Whether you're looking to throw a pigskin over your lunch break, kick a soccer ball between classes or toss a baseball for a little while before the night shift begins, this group welcomes all types who just want to unwind with some simple physical activity anytime without having to commit to a team or a league. The bennies: it can be done just about anytime, anywhere - you just need at least one other person to show up - it's a perfect way to use that 20 minute gap between this time and that time - you don't have to reset your day afterwards - you can take it as lightly or seriously as you want to, from *playing catch* to *three flies in* to *running routes* or even meeting at the *batting cages*! This is your Meetup. Enjoy!

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