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Learn Russian while playing board games. Follow the rules and get the best from your game! Don't miss out:

1. Memorize vocabulary which is custom made for each game.

2. Early bird gets a bonus game to polish your knowledge.

3. Use vocabulary every class and talk like a Russian spy by the end of the game series.

4. Each game series is devoted to one subject: numbers, colors, objects, etc. We use it as a base and build up on it using game phrases like: "Good luck", "You are next", "That's great!" which creates natural conversational flow.

Join Agent Ana for a spy-themed game night where you use Russian words to complete the task. Practice your Russian while playing board games. All levels are welcome. Each event will have links to study materials. You can take advantage of them or just learn on the go. Every 3 nights are designated to one type of the game. The event will be hosted every Thursday at 7. Please don't be late.

This is a board game addition of the Russian Crash Course program where you can learn how to talk like a spy. See more details on our Facebook Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2212142352238741 and on our blog https://www.russiancrashcourse.com/blog

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