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ATTENTION! April 2021: This group is no longer functioning on Meetup.com They have moved over to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/playitcoollasvegasblues/ (https://www.facebook.com/playitcoollasvegasblues)

Thank you for your interest in, ""Play it Cool Las Vegas Blues", however, the group's actual activities have moved to their Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/playitcoollasvegasblues/ . There, they have lots of interesting information for those of us interested in Live Jazz or Blues events in Las Vegas. The reason this group still exist is because, we believe the original owner of this group will come back to us one day. So at the moment, I'm just managing it for them.

WHO (Used to) JOIN this meetup group? Anyone who loves the sounds of live music, especially the blues, this group is for you!! There are no age restrictions or relationship requirements in this group! Singles, couples, young or less young :-) ! If you are trying to find where to spend an evening listening to the coolest bands in town, why not do it while making new friends? We welcome you, as well as your suggestions!

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Reno's All Star Rok 'N Sol All Star Jam
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Come hear dozens of fine Las Vegas musicians and singers, all within the course of one evening. This is a jam, so you never know who will walk through the front door and sign up to play. Professional musicians and all excellent! So much fun, and dancing! Every Saturday night at 9 PM. There is NO SMOKING IN THE MUSIC ROOM.

NO COVER CHARGE, but please remember to tip the band.

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Cameron Webb’s Soul and Blues Revue!

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