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This group is for Agile enthusiasts and practitioners to come together and discuss the day to day issues they face with Agility Thinking and to find answers together. This is organized and sponsored by Leanpitch (https://leanpitch.com (https://leanpitch.com/)).

We will have weekly webinars names "Agility Tuesdays" and monthly meetups for Agility Thinking. For more details visit, https://agilitythinking.io (https://agilitythinking.io/)

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Crash Course: Product Market Research

Online event

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Product is a medium for a customer to reduce Pain or increase Gain and achieve their end goal. A Great Product needs good and structured research. Product Market Research is a structured research approach involving deep empathy and analytical thinking. Good Product Research helps position the products correctly and tell great and convincing stories on why the product makes sense and what problems are they solving for the customer segment. Product Market Fit, User Research, Value Proposition, and Experimentation are key elements for a good and worthwhile Product Market Research.

This Masterclass will help you understand the nuances of building a good product research approach and framework. It will also help you tune your mindset and make it easy for you to build great products based on sound research methods.

Startup Phases as an Example
- Typical Stage of a Startup and why it matters
- User Research

Product Market Fit
- Case Study

Value Proposition Map
- Product Positioning
- Format for Product Positioning
- Value Proposition Map Discussion

Lean Experiment
- Hypothesis
- Example

Take Aways
- Finding Hidden Needs for creating products for new Markets
- Tools for Product Research

✨ Facilitator: Prashanth Tavalam - Product Leader at Dell Technologies
(LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/prashanthvenugopal/ )
Prashanth has rich experience in problem-solving, process improvement, and leadership roles in software delivery for major corporations across geographies. He also has strong experience in Product Marketing and Delivery. He fits well in consulting roles which require strong research (market, user, product) skills and complex problem-solving ability with a creative approach. Prashanth comes with experience in understanding customer needs & building solutions which help achieve WOW! experience for them.

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