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😊 COLEGEND Game Evening: Improtalk (Special Guest!) 🎴
Invitation to join a free card game event together with people who are interested in personal development (aka in being more legendary). This time we have a special guest: Jesco. He created the card game "Improtalk" - the card game that gets you talking. It is based upon the principles of impro theatre and has 3 aims: 1. Learn something new about communication 2. Make new friends 3. Have loads of fun! No more spoilers than that for now .oO :D And with this game it's "the more the merrier" - so you're more than welcome to bring somebody along, too! We are looking forward to getting to know you and reconnecting with you. :D P.S.: We're meeting in the Factory and as there are quite a lot of rooms, please just go to the receptionist desk and ask for the coGame event by Eraldo Energy. :)

Factory Berlin

Rheinsberger Straße 76/77 Glasgow · 10115 Berlin

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To unlock the legendary potential in every individual, and thereby, enrich the world. We want to create a connected movement around what we love: purpose driven personal development, life balance and lifelong learning.

Why join this meetup group?
1. Find out what you truly want! Keep it clear and up to date. ;)
2. Get incredible long term support making your visions reality.

Instead of reading a long text from me explaining it, I suggest you check it out for real. :)

Who is hosting this? ( -- Personal Development Club

Still here? Seems you like reading text, so here are some topics we like:
Purposeful Living, Personal Development, Personal Growth & Development, Consciousness, Life Transformation, Self-Improvement, Motivation and Success, Positive Thinking, Self-Empowerment, Self Exploration, Achieving Goals, Life Coaching, Playfulness, Gamification, Fantasy, Meditation, Serious Games, Radical Honesty, Compassionate Communication, Getting Things Done, Hero's Journey, Dragon Dreaming, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Quantified Self, Habit Building, Financial Education, Decision Education, {{ mentally continue the pattern }} ;)

How to get started?
Easy: Just become a member of this group now and you will get informed about upcoming events. :D

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