What we're about

An Exploration of Acting, Improvisation, Clown, and Therapeutic Arts!

“There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion” Carl Jung

The Playground:

The group meetups will consist of an exploration of techniques and games drawn from various Acting, Improv, Clown and Therapeutic traditions. Classes will include warm-ups tailored towards increasing sense-awareness and tapping into your intuitive self, games to enhance a sense of playfulness and create familiarity and respect within the group, and performance work that focuses on allowing you to express and be seen in your authenticity.

The classes will take a creative approach towards exploring, embracing, revealing, and often gently stripping away social masks. Through guided exercises, the work provides an invitation to uncover something more essential and unique to oneself, often resulting in a greater sense of well-being, freedom, and confidence. This class is an opportunity to come out, tap in, and reconnect with our personal and most heartfelt truths. The work is lots of fun, safe and invigorating, but also goes deep as it brings to the light some of our most tender, hidden, and sometimes neglected parts. Accessible to anyone and everyone, all that is required of participants of the class is a sincere desire to explore themselves more fully.

Anyone is welcome to join in, we ask only that members be willing to approach the work with sincerity, openness, curiosity, and a heartfelt desire to connect more deeply with themselves and others. All of your baggage and quirks are welcome and wanted here, so long as you don't mind them being seen :) It's difficult to go anywhere if we aren't willing to see and embrace where we are starting from.

While all are welcome, the classes are especially beneficial to artists, performers, and those looking to reconnect with their creative selves. Since the nature of the work often involves a journey into the rich tapestry of images and desires we all have within ourselves, it can be a great way to rekindle inspiration towards the creation of new work. For actors, classes will be especially useful in opening up emotional blocks while providing pathways towards a fuller and more intimate discovery of ones inner characters. Exercises will provide you with tools for accessing your inner archetypes, allowing them to freely come out and have their voices be heard.

For more information and other offerings visit: http://www.creativeimpulsecentre.com (http://www.creativeimpulsecentre.com/)


The suggested donation is $20.


Kate McCowan, Hons B.A., Facilitator, Counselor

Kate has been a student of the Arts for thirteen years. Her curiosity about the Human condition led her to study Philosophy at Saint Mary’s University where she attained an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree. While her studies in Philosophy provided a fantastic foundation for what would later become her life’s work, Kate left traditional Academia behind in pursuit of discovering a more experiential and body-centered framework from which to further her learning and personal growth.

In the seven years since graduating from University, Kate has immersed herself in a wide variety of Experiential Training Programs, Workshops, and Classes in the Expressive Arts. She has been an avid student of Acting, Clown, Improvisation, Group Play, Meditation, Authentic Movement, Gestalt, Art Therapy, and Body-Centered Psychotherapy. She is currently in her final semester of Professional Counselor Training at Lifespace Institute.

Now a professional Group Facilitator, Kate runs and develops a variety of dynamic, unique, and creative classes which incorporate elements from all aspects of her training. She is proud of her curriculum, and very excited to facilitate and share with others on their journeys toward deep, personal growth.

Future Work and Sideprojects:

Clown Workshops!

Clowning is a beautiful art form that truly celebrates the human condition. It embraces the whole spectrum of humanity from our darkest and most violent urges to our most tender and vulnerable places of love, sadness, and joy. This workshop will be a process of embracing all aspects of ourselves, and through the use of the tiniest mask in the world (the red nose), foster permission to express, share, and celebrate these aspects of ourselves with others.

Let me know if this interests you and we can work on setting up a time to get started!

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