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Organizations large and small are using new methods to innovate faster. And more and more are finding the Lean Startup method helps them improve the odds of success.

First described in the best-selling book by Eric Ries, Lean Startup is now a movement that is transforming how new products and services are built. "


Learning Lean ( a not-for-profit initiative of Yoel Ben-Avraham) aspires to spread the message of the power of the "Lean" approach to business, marketing and carer management.

Of the various learning activities we offer is included:

• Minimum Value Proposition Workshop- In a single evening workshop we will both introduce you to the concepts behind the Minimum Value Proposition, but we will also coach you on how to use this tool to gain greater clarity for your business, product or service vision. (3 hours)

• Customer Discovery - the real power in the Lean approach to business development is the process by which we take our MVP document and systematically test the assumptions embodied in it against the reality waiting for us "Outside the Building". In this part lecture / part workshop, we will introduce you to the tools and activities that will empower you to either validate your model's assumptions as true, or just as importantly, discover how they should be modified to improve your initiative's chances of success. (3 hours)

• "Playing Lean", a dynamic group based board game created by Simen Fure Jørgensen & Tore Rasmussen was designed to acquaint participants with the concepts of "Lean" methodologies and assist them in acquiring the skills to apply the Lean method to their business or organizational challenges. Playing Lean simulates the experience of launching a successful product through a board game that can be played in 90 minutes. Along the way, players will learn the core concepts and vocabulary of the Lean Startup. They will remember it because they have experienced it! (4 Zhours)


The "Learning Len (IL)" meetup is dedicated to promoting the concepts of Lean approach to business and organizational development and imparting the skills necessary to successfully employ it, to as many interested individuals in Israel as possible.

Join us for the next "Learning Lean" activity where you too can discover the power of simplicity and acquire the skills to make your current or next initiative devastatingly successful!

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