What we're about

This is a group for Playwrights & Screenwriters who are focused on honing their craft while managing a full time job.

It’s specially designed for writers who are in the process of advancing their careers, even though work 9-5 (or whatever the work may ask) doing something else.

The conversation will probably flow on:

o How to make writing a priority while we are committed to a time consuming job that pay the bills;

o Writers on writing. Writers write no matter what the circumstances are. Getting feedback and SMART criticism from people with the same interest is special valuable in order to improve our writing material and get it industry ready;

o Networking – this is a chance for us to create a writing community at an early stage. Ultimately, we may encounter people who we can recommend and work with in a near future.

I understand that most of us will probably be freelancers and baby writers but more experienced writes are indeed welcome.

*baby writers does not make a reflection on the writer’s age but rather on their number of credits and publications.

Happy writing days and see you very soon :)

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Royal Festival Hall

Hi all, Those of you who have finished a script/play and tried to get it read by someone recognise this classic question way too well: what's the story about? Then we usually stare into space, blank face, breathe in and breathe out…and try to summarise months of planning, research and writing all in one fabulous sentence! What does make a compelling logline? Come along, and share your thoughts. See you guys, Márcia

Creative chat and networking - Riverside Terrace Café - Royal Festival Hall

Hey guy, Let’s go for another laid-back interactive after work gathering for anyone involved in screenwriting & playwriting, who is interested in building their writing community in and around London. I hope to see you there, Márcia

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Writing the first draft - Riverside Terrace Café

Royal Festival Hall

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