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Host a Kids fermentation workshop at your house, school or event. Host an adult gut health talk and fermentation workshop at your health conference, school, birthday party or event. Bring the joy of knowledge about health to your community of friends. This group is for anyone interested in healing, maintaining, or extending their health and the health of the people you love. Do you believe the gut and the brain are connected? Do you think gut health is at the top priority to happiness and health? Would you like to see radical changes in our food system? Are you tired of going to the doctor and find no solution to your health issues? Are you tired of searching for tricks to hide vegetables into your children's meals? Are your kid's picky eaters? Do your kids have allergies to foods or pollen in the air? Are you tired of your kids being offered junk food at every social event, including school? Do you worry about your family's health? Do you have a bloated belly and wish your mood was like it used to be? Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you wish to improve your stamina? Do you have a health issue no doctor has been able to give you a satisfactory solution or answer? Join me in this community of healthy seekers and microbiome nerds.

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