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Calling runners looking to do something good for themself and something good for the world, all at the same time ! Introducing, 'Plogging' : the exercise movement that not only benefits your mind and body, but also the environment. The term is a portmanteau word combining "picking up" and “jogging". Scandinavians dreamed up this environmentally friendly form of exercise that blends jogging and picking up trash. It’s basically like going on a treasure hunt during your workout, except your treasure happens to be dirty plastic bottles. Plogging appears to have started around 2016, but is now going global, due to increasing awareness and fear over plastic levels in the ocean. Plogging is like high intensity interval training too, if you think about it. Bending down to pick up litter is like doing some core-boosting squats and can extend your range of motion, according to some fitness experts.

All you need to become a plogger is a workout outfit, a bag to collect garbage, and, ideally, a pair of gloves.
We will first meet every 3 weeks and slowly run around the city helping clean up the running paths of our great New York City.

Want to know more? A recent piece from the New Yorker about Plogging and...Plogging NYC : https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/08/20/saving-the-planet-and-your-glutes

P.S : I will charge 1 dollar per plogger (mainly to cover the monthly meetup fees and cost of plastic garbage bags).

Hope to see you ! Alex

Past events (17)

Plogging from Dumbo….to Williamsburg !

York St

Plogging in Prospect Park !

Brooklyn Public Library

'Plogging' in Van Cortlandt Park (6 miles max)

IRT #4 subway line (Woodlawn).

Plogging in Roosevelt Island !

Roosevelt Island Subway Station

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