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To quote the BBC article (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/237c63d4-0a54-406a-ae51-ad677a872456), Plogging is "a new pastime taking off in Sweden that sees people going for a jog, and at the same time picking up litter. You pick and you jog – hence the term ‘plog.’" I recently became tired of complaining about all the trash on the streets of Manchester and decided to do something about it, and plogging seemed a good (partial) solution.

Since I hate jogging, however, the plan for this Meetup group is to "pick up litter while walking" (Plalking?") -- or perhaps more accurately "picking up litter and drinking (Plinking?"). We'll choose an area in need of litter-picking (there are so many), select a nearby pub, and have a pint before and/or after cleaning up the target area.

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