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This group was primarily created for sufferers of social anxiety. Events were few and far between in the South and there did not seem enough people available for a support structure to be formed. Partly to help overcome the member shortage problem, the group has been extended to welcome pretty much all types of anxiety sufferers as I am sure we will still find commonalities with each other.

My main motivation was to have as few of us as possible having to go through life on our own. People with some types of mental health issues dwarf those with others and it can sometimes be difficult to cater for everyone, especially those of us with social anxiety. I encourage anyone who wants to organize gatherings for more specific issues to do so. Message me and I will make you an organizer, and best of luck.

Various types of meets will be organized to accommodate various levels of anxiety and depression, from perhaps a short stroll in the countryside to busier pub meets. It will be kept fairly standard most of the time, but we might try some other stuff too, depending on feedback.

Any ethnicity, sexual orientation and age 18+ is accepted of course. Hopefully we can all recover as a group and create some good memories together.

I set the group up to run without any one particular person needing to be in control, at least as humanly as that is possible. Many of us have personalities that enjoy either leading or following. In general, this is fine for both the individual and society. However when it comes to having mental health problems, it really isn't healthy to find someone to lead and save you. I recommend finding a good therapist that will help you enable yourself. All we can offer is advice and a relaxed place to chat or just to be around others.

. Treat other people as you wish to be treated. (and if that doesn't work treat them the way they treat you).

. Some of us are more talkative, which is natural and fine; but it is important to at least try and listen to others. Nobody is allowed to completely dominate our social time, making it much harder for others to express themselves.

. Recognize that new members may be damaged ‘victims’ and we all have a variety of problems and life experiences.

. Be safe when exchanging phone number/ text/ Facebook profiles with people you have met. If you receive unwanted contact then make the group aware immediately. This isn't granting a license to bitch about anyone that happens to annoy you though, we don't want the support group to become a nasty little clique. let the individual(s) know that you have no interest in interacting with them FIRST.

. Be sensible if meeting people outside of the group and inform others beforehand.

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