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Monday Night Gaming @ The Marina Bar
Monday Night Gaming is a friendly club for board game fans aged over 18. We've recently moved to the Marina Bar, Vauxhall Quay, The Barbican. The event has a cover charge of £1 to attend. All participants are welcome to bring your own games or just join in with those others have brought. If you've only played well-known games like Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble, you will find a lot of the games we play at the club unfamiliar, but have no fear we are a welcoming bunch and will always be happy to teach games to new players. The games we play range from simple card games, deduction, worker placement, resource management and the odd epic war game. We offer everything in-between and feel there really is something for everyone. See you on Mondays! You can also find us on Facebook:

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What we're about

This is a social group for anyone who'd like to play board games and have some fun with others - you might be a board game aficionado or someone looking for something interesting and fun to do with your evening. You don't have to be 'good' at boardgames, or even own any games yourself, just come along and have a go - it's not the winning, put the taking part that counts here. Unless you are someone who is obsessed by winning games, and then obviously, it'll be all about the winning!!

Haven't played a board game for years? Not since your sister hammered everyone in that 5-hour-long-Christmas-Day-Monopoly-epic? But you've heard board games are 'hot' right now, right?

We'll be playing games like Carcassonne, Settlers of Cattan, Pandemic, Dixit, Werewolf, Love Letter and whatever games people want to bring with them to play with others - the selection of games will change at every meetup depending on who brings what. Come on your own, or bring friends, and enjoy an evening of completely non-serious, Monoploy-free game playing.


Plymouth Boardgame Meetup is supported by group members through our on-going Patreon Campaign - check it out, and add a dollar or two of your support to help us continue to do great things!!!

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