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Getting to Know You
Let's all get to know each other! Everyone may bring a guest if they wish so long as all parties the meet the following criteria: 1. Under the age of 40 2. A person of color 3. Curious about or into theatre 4. NO JUDGMENTAL ASSHOLES ALLOWED!!! Please note the emphasis I placed on the last one:) This event is for People of Color (PoCs) who are also into theatre. I haven't found many spaces for us which is why I chose to create one. If this angers you, or anyone that might want to bring, I would respectfully ask that you respect our space. Purpose: This will be a truly informal gathering to see what we all like. We can geek out and discuss what shows we like. My thought was that we could also discuss what shows we might want to go see as a group. The event will go from 7pm till about 9pm or so. Let me again stress the informality. You only have to pay for what you buy. If you have ANY questions about what the purpose of the event is or the criteria for being part of it please do not hesitate to message me. Can't wait meet you all!

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Respond by: 9/20/2018

What we're about

Hi everyone! I just decided to create this group for PoCs here in NYC who like the theater and like to go to shows. The idea behind this group is for us to talk about events and activities in theatre, hang out, and hopefully see some shows together. Please post any thoughts, stories, or experiences that you have had about the theatre, seeing shows, or shows that you are dying to see (Hamilton lol) but cannot. I should also reiterate that this group is strictly for PoCs. This means that you must be a Person of Color (non-White) to join us. If you are not a Person of Color, I would respectfully ask that you seek another theater group and respect our space. This group is for PoCs and is also queer friendly. Do not be afraid to join us if you queer, trans, agender, anything in between or all of the above.

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