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The Point Loma School offers classes, seminars, workshops and periodic 'Conviviums' from the Perennial Philosophy. The foundation principles and view of this 'school' includes the following:

*Universal Responsibility with altruistic motivation: To instill the view and practice of compassion as the basis of wisdom, rooted in the ethical nature of the cosmos itself.

*The essential unity of the Perennial Tradition. Inquiry into the understanding of the core principles found in philosophy, religion, literature, science, art, mythology, cosmology, ethics etc.

*Inner Transformation/awakening to the Essential or selfless-Self. The basis of human life is this 'selfless Self', with the practice of Self inquiry and meditation providing the guidance to this discovery of the way within.

Convivium: the Communion of Life - 2012 themes include:

"A Cosmology of Self Awakening:

Meditation, Ethics, Theosophic Perennialism and Buddhism, "

The Point Loma School will host a periodic 'Convivium'. This idea comes from the 15th century Italian Renaissnance philosopher, Platonist, and mystic Marsilio Ficino. He referred to his group as the "friends of humanity" and in an open setting invited participants to share from their understanding of philosophy, art, music etc.

"As Noel Cobb tells us, each individual in attendance would bring a passionate devotion to an art or a branch of learning. Ficino, himself the original translator of the Platonic texts from the Greek, would often bring out his lyre and sing in accordance with the energy of the hour and of the stars. Here was an experience that had no sense of short-term gain, no rushing to publishers or the marketplace, but of lifetime creation and a touching into the enduring forms of beauty. Such a gathering has always been intimate and soulful, a celebration of life."

The 'Convivium' will be held in the San Diego area, during the last week in July and first week in August, 2012, with the specific location and times to be announced soon.

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pointlomaschool@gmail.com for more information and volunteer opportunities to assist with hosting the Convivium.

Ken Small

(PLS facilitator)

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