Expectations In The Relationship Contract: Spoken & Unspoken - 8/26

Pointless Pontificators
Pointless Pontificators
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When a new relationships starts, especially a romantic one, there are expectations. Many of them seem obvious, some much more subtle, often unseen. Some of us are "old fashioned", some more "modern".
What do you expect from a partner? How flexible are you in accepting habits you are unfamiliar with? Is there a difference in what you expect (must do), want (might compromise), or don't care? How do you let them know what you expect? What should they expect from you? How open should we be about things we want or don't want? This goes all the way from treatment of each other, to table manners, cleanliness, spending habits, communication, willingness to change / compromise, who cooks, takes out the garbage, even sexual expectations. For ourselves, how much of the difficulty in adjusting is their actions vs. our attitudes? How much does our silence damage the relationship? Why are we silent?
Fee: $1 unless you are a prepaid member. GUESTS, if allowed, must be in your RSVP and pay any fee. WAIT LIST info: http://bit.ly/Wait-List . You CANNOT ATTEND unless you are moved to "Attending". Check regularly. If you RSVP and cannot attend, PLEASE CANCEL ASAP so someone else can attend, otherwise it is a NO SHOW. Contact me: https://goo.gl/CnQirX
Panera allows us to use their facilities for free. Please reciprocate by buying food or at least a drink, so it continues to be worthwhile to allow us to hold our meetings there. There are no good alternatives for us.
NOTE: Please bring at least 2 QUESTIONS (topic choices: Light, Serious, Personal, Romance, "I Dare You"). Without enough questions to discuss, we'll only have each other to talk about, :)
Come join us for this week's discussion. As usual, we'll have some fun and some serious discussion. If you have any questions, or topics you'd like to discuss, bring them along. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.