Pre-GeeCON Meetup @ Oracle


It's GeeCON week (!

It's going to be a week full of nerding at GeeCON and geeking at after-parties and related events. So what's better to kick this week off than a JUG meetup hosted together with Oracle!?

Our guest speaker this time will be Baruch Sadogursky ( from JFrog, who has agreed on doing an additional talk for the JUG :-)

Topic: Artifactory - meet your new binaries overlord

Welcome to better binaries handling! During this session we’ll explain the differences between managing sources and binaries. We will showcase the unique features of a binary repository manager and how it fits in the continuous integration and deployment cycle. We’ll walk through Artifactory basics and its common usage and highlight what you need to know in order to start using a binary repository and benefit from it in your day-to-day software development.