GeeCON: Building Modular Enterprise Applications in the Cloud Age

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Zapraszamy na darmowe warsztaty hands-on organizowane podczas GeeCONa (! Jest tylko 20 miejsc także zapraszamy serdecznie! Uczestnictwo jest darmowe.

Hands-on Lab: Building Modular Enterprise Applications in the Cloud Age

Abstract: In this lab you will learn how to create modular, robust, and durable enterprise applications fit for the cloud age. Modularity forces separation of concerns which enables you to replace parts of a system without breaking others.

Using OSGi and a wealth of open source enterprise components, it will show you how to combine those apparent opposite worlds into coherent applications. We will also show you all you need to know about setting up your development environment to get started right away.

Finally, we will focus on deployment into the cloud, introducing Apache ACE, a software distribution framework that allows to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data, and other artifacts to target systems. We will focus on building and managing OSGi deployments, showing you how to use Apache ACE to bootstrap a framework and deploy to remotely managed systems in a cloud.

Workshop will be led by Bert Ertman and Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker is a software architect for Luminis Technologies and contributor on Amdatu, Apache ACE and BndTools.

Bert Ertman

Bert works at Luminis in the Netherlands. He is a leader of NLJUG and a Java Champion.

Requirements: laptop with current version of JDK (1.6+) installed

Admission: Free of charge, registration required (20 seats).

Date: 18th of May 2013, 10AM till 12:30 AM

Venue: Hotel Wyspiański, ul.Westerplatte 15,[masked] Kraków