GeeCON Workshop: Unit Testing with JUnit - a Beginner's Boot Camp


Unit testing has become a critical activity for every software project. We use the feedback of our tests to drive the development of new code (Test Driven Development) and we rely on the tests to protect us from regressions (Continuous Integration/ Delivery). While everybody has heard of JUnit, writing good unit tests is not as easy as it looks.

This workshop is an intensive, hands-on introduction to unit testing in Java. We will explore the features of JUnit and Hamcrest by writing tests. We will write parameterised tests and tests that check for exceptions. We will discuss clean and readable test code by - you guessed right - writing even more tests. We will write tests all day. In the evening you will have written umpteen unit tests in different ways, using different features and approaches. It will give you enough practise to start writing good unit tests on the next day.

You will need to bring your laptop. It should be ready for development, with everything you need installed, i.e. Java, Eclipse or IntelliJ, Maven. Two people will be sharing a machine.

The workshop is free for everyone registered here.

The room Legenda+Lajkonik is at 3rd floor in the hotel. Geecon will provide free drinks during the day and lunch at 13:00 (actually we had to choose one type of dish already - tomato soup and chciken but some exceptions are possible)

About Peter Kofler

Peter is a software developer since many years and still enthusiastic about writing code. He likes his code being in order. Obviously he is fanatic about code quality. After years of harassing his colleagues with clean code and daily build, he was officially appointed "Code Cop" in 2006. Today he helps teams of software developers to raise the quality of their work and improve their productivity. Read more about him at his blog