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Spokenvote Code Hacking Session
This meetup combines forces with Spokenvote, a project written in AngularJS, Coffeescript and Rails! Come see why the Spokenvote team is so passionate about this open-source Javascript and Rails consensus project. In this meetup we will discuss the list of open tickets and do some hands-on coding. Spokenvote is written in the AngularJS Javascript framework, so it's an excellent opportunity to take your Javascript skills into the front lines of the Javascript revolution. Many think of AngularJS as Google's bid for HTML6. Come see what all the excitement is about. More about Spokenvote . . . Spokenvote is a tool to help groups of any size, from a local school board to an entire nation’s people, reach consensus with radical efficiency. We think the process should be intuitive, fun, and democratic. Deeply inspired by Wikipedia, Spokenvote is an open source non-profit tool intended for small groups today, but over time to reach national politics. It starts with spontaneously capturing ideas as they occur to us. When we do that as a diverse group, a “power of the crowd” effect is introduced. The result is often a revelation of common sense that is difficult to discover from a top-down approach. The working project can be found at (

Philz Coffee

113 S B St · San Mateo

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This group is for JS people who are interested to work on side projects at the intersection of politics and technology. It would be great to get people to share the ideas and to help each other use JS technologies in various public/politcal sectors. We also plan to reach out to organizations that are looking to developers and have them talke a bit about what kind of technological needs they might be experiencing.

If you or anyone you know are interested in participating or sharing your experiences, please join our group. Novice, experts on either client or serverside javascript designers and developers welcome!!!

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