What we're about

Weather you are currently practicing one of the many forms of poly or thinking if it is right for you; this is a great place to start.

Ask yourself...

-Are thinking about being Poly?

-Curious what Poly, Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy are?

-Do you want to meet others who actually live that way in practice instead of just theory and learn from others experiences?

You do not need to be in a Polyamory relationship to participate in Poly and Friends SWFL. You do not even need to be Poly yourself!

Poly and Friends SWFL is a forum to learn more about Polyamory, socialize with people in the Poly Community, or just find out what this "Poly Stuff" is all about. It is also a good resource for anyone seeking to develop a Poly relationship, or strengthen a current relationship of any type.

Our group format allows for questions from attendees, as well as shared experiences from those who have many years experience living in the Poly Lifestyle. The facilitator will try to have topics prepared if the questions are exhausted.

We welcome new people to come listen, learn, and participate or contribute as well.

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