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Developer1: "Which new language should I be looking to learn next?"
Developer2: "What skills should I pick up to be an effective Cloud developer?"
Developer3: "What language should I code the CPU-intensive part of my application in?"

Welcome to the polyglot world..! Developers today are faced with an increasing array of languages that have evolved to meet specific needs and highlight specific functionality. Gone are the days when a language was meant to be as general-purpose as possible (Eg. Java - Write Once, Run Anywhere).

Languages are now just tools you use to achieve a specific goal, and like any other tool, you need to choose the right one for the job.

In this Meetup group, we will explore the polyglot landscape and what it means to the developer of today. Some common polyglot themes that we will delve into:

* Language intros - strengths and weaknesses.
* Debugging landscape - commonalities and differences.
* Runtime ecosystems.
* The Cloud and how it is shaping the polyglot world.
* DevOps and languages.

We will also discuss how some of the languages are evolving based on the pulls and pushes of the developers, and why some languages seem to do well, and some don't.

Come join us as we explore this brave new world, connect with experts, as well as share expertise and insights!! If you have the passion and the curiosity about languages and runtimes, then this is the place to be !!

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