À Lang Carte : Programming for Machines, Machine Learning & Java Virtual Machine


We are glad to announce our first meet up for 2018 on March 24th.

And we'll cover a diverse set of topics.


1. Programming Languages: For the man or the machine?

Speaker: Gireesh Punathil

Programming languages are a bridge between man and machine. The more sophisticated the language, the easier it is to program, but the compiler and runtime system become harder. The reason is that more complex program directives need to be transformed into discrete, and simple primitives according to the hardware architecture specification. Languages take extreme steps to be humanlike and bring in disruptive constructs, but difficulties arise when it comes to enterprise-grade scaling. This session inspects a few modern languages and compares their semantic interfaces with that of Java, with performance as the main consideration. The intent is to showcase the implications of language constructs in the compiler and interpreter and to help you select the right language for your workload.

"Gireesh Punathil is the Worldwide Servie Architect for IBM Runtimes and a Node.js collaborator. In 15 years of his career, he has been porting, developing and debugging web servers, virtual machines and compilers. His expertise is in problem isolation and determination of large and complex software modules. He has spoken at several Java and Node conferences."

2. Kotlin - “The” Java Alternative?

Speaker: Jayashree S Kumar

We shall familiarise ourselves with - What? Why? and How? of Kotlin programming language, its increasing popularity with android developer community. Discuss the need and its distinguishable features over Java (with e.g. codes) and finally the verdict, if its really is “THE” java alternative.

"Jayashree is a Classes Library developer with Runtimes team at IBM Software Labs and her current efforts are focused on fixing customer reported issues and security gaps on IBM Java Runtimes. In a career spanning over 7 years Jayashree has extensively worked on IBM JDK’s Testing - Performance, Compliance and System verification, she is a Tester by heart through and through. She also likes to write up disclosures and know-hows on varying subjects. Holder of 4 patents and 3 publications . In her free time she likes to browse when not running behind her toddler."

3. Programming for Machine Learning - Scala or Python : A comparative review"

Speaker: Ranjana Seshadri

What we want is a machine that can learn from experience" - Alan Turing

What we also want is a language that would make our experience with Machine Learning easy. There are a range of alternatives available for programming in the Machine Learning domain. As a programmer what would you choose and why? We'll have Ranjana Seshadri- an engineering student from PESIT share her experience.

"Ranjana Seshadri is pursuing her B.E in Information Science and Engineering at PES University , Bangalore. Presently , she is interning at IBM,ardently being a part of the ML Hub Team.She has keen interest in the field of Machine Learning and Data Analytics and has worked and experimented with various ML frameworks and Languages viz.Java and Python frameworks , R ,etc."

Block your calendar !

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