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Round 16: Axiomatic Language and Raskell

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Walter Wilson - Axiomatic Language

This talk describes "axiomatic language (", an idealistic and ambitious proposed type of logic programming. Axiomatic language has the following goals: (1) pure specification - one defines inputs/outputs without defining internal processing, (2) minimal, but extensible - as small as possible without sacrificing expressiveness, (3) a metalanguage - able to define other language features within itself and incorporate their advantages, and (4) beauty. Axiomatic language is based on the idea that the external behavior of a program -- even an interactive program -- can be represented by a static infinite set of symbolic expressions. These expressions enumerate all possible inputs -- or sequences of inputs -- along with the corresponding outputs. The language is just a formal system for defining these infinite sets.

Please note Walter mentions this talk will be especially of interest to CS students :)

Josh Szmajda - Raskell / Following the path of MRI

Josh will talk about the latest progress with Raskell, a Ruby VM written in Haskell. Josh will discuss choices made in implementing Raskell and how he now understands why the MRI team switched to YARV, an internal VM for Ruby with Ruby 1.9.


We're looking for speakers! It's OK if you've never spoken before or if you've spoken hundreds of times, we want to hear from you!

We're looking for talks about anything interesting to programmers, come share about your favorite language or framework, or learn something new and talk about how it went! We're hoping for talks about anything but here are a few things members have mentioned wanting to learn about recently: Go, C, C++, Haskell, Erlang, and Elixir.

Contact Josh on the left or through whatever means you have :)

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