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Data Laced with History: Causal Trees and Operational CRDTs
The Paper The paper, this is a blog post, read up to and including the Causal Tree section: Format We start at 6:10, don't be late! The discussion lasts for about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending upon the paper. • Read the paper (done before you arrive) • Introductions (name, and background) • First impressions (1-2 minutes this is what I thought) • Structured review (we move through the paper in order, everyone gets a chance to ask questions, offer comments, and raise concerns) • Free form discussion • Nominate and vote on the next paper • Adjourn for food and/or drink at Steamworks (,or.&biw=1674&bih=956&dpr=2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjTpLXtqb_MAhVC0mMKHWLiBLcQ_AUIBigB) Abstract Embarrassingly, most of my app development to date has been confined to local devices. Programmers like to gloat about the stupendous mental castles they build of their circuitous, multi-level architectures, but not me. In truth, networks leave me quite perplexed. I start thinking about data serializing to bits, servers performing their arcane handshakes and voting rituals, merge conflicts pushing into app-space and starting the whole process over again—and it all just turns to mush in my head. For peace of mind, my code needs to be locally provable, and this means things like idempotent functions, decoupled modules, contiguous data structures, immutable objects. Networks, unfortunately, throw a giant wrench in the works. Sometime last year, after realizing that most of my document-based apps would probably need to support sync and collaboration in the future, I decided to finally take a stab at the problem. Granted, there were tons of frameworks that promised to do the hard work of data model replication for me, but I didn’t want to black-box the most important part of my code. My gut told me that there had to be some arcane bit of foundational knowledge that would allow me to sync my documents in a refined and functional way, decoupled from the stateful spaghetti of the underlying network layer. Instead of downloading a Github framework and smacking the build button, I wanted to develop a base set of skills that would allow me to easily network any document-based app in the future, even if I was starting from scratch. Getting There Mobify is near the Vancouver City Centre Canadaline and Skytrain Stations and there is pay parking available. Come up to the 4th floor, wait for someone to let you in.


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