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Let's recreate Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Shanghai, Moscou, Roma, London, Tokyo, ...

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We need Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Swedish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Portuguese, etc. speakers!! Bring your friends!!

Let's meet for an Polyglots in Vancouver evening!!! People practice their foreign languages with natives in a bar. Each table will be equipped with a flag, and only the language of the flag is allowed on this table! People can also just wander around and join any language group! During that evening, we will create a concentration of various cultures within a same place: France, Germany, Italy, China, Russia, Canada, etc. For that night, let's celebrate diversity and allow us to prefer every language to English. There is no need to be fluent to speak a language; you just need to use it regularly enough to lose your shyness! So, let's meet and train our brains to switch from one language to another! Feel free to extend this invitation to your like-minded friends! I'm looking forward to see you there!

Regarding your participation:

We expect everyone to take at least one drink.

There will be a donation jar at the entrance. The money collected will be used to pay for the meet-up fee and to invest in equipment (flags, name tags, etc.) and further development.