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Ponderers Cafe - Beg for Forgiveness or Ask for Permission?
Meet and greet at 6pm, Pondering starts at 6:30. Please enter the church through the front door. There is ample parking on the street in front of the church. There will be a $2 per person offering for the use of the church facilities and I think this is very fair. This is in addition to any donation you may wish to give for the expenses of the meetup itself. Feel free to bring any reasonable food or drink for yourself or to share. The size restraints of our venues preclude bringing guests when there are members on the wait list. RSVPs go live every Friday at 3pm.

Kenilworth Presbyterian Church

123 Kenilworth Road · Asheville, NC

Respond by: 11/21/2018

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    What we're about

    Ponderer's Cafe is an easygoing, guided, questioning group to cultivate and share perspectives with each other.

    We are challenging ourselves, not each other. We seek better questions, not better answers. We speak only for ourselves not for the group.

    We are not here to judge, persuade or argue. There is no fixing, saving, advising and no setting straight.

    The intention is to truly listen to and hear what each person is sharing, so please avoid cross talk, and side comments.

    Please keep your comments as brief as possible so everyone has a chance to speak, and address questions to the group rather than an individual when possible.

    Use discretion. The group is held in a VERY public setting and our group and message boards are open to the public.

    A note about posting on the website: Communication in person is already difficult enough. Remember, once you remove voice, tone, facial expressions and body language - communication becomes extremely difficult. Please do not post anything on the website without giving it plenty of thought first. If you don't have time to think or it's a thought that's complicated to convey, try to hold those conversations for in person meetings or even chats on the phone with each other.

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