What we're about

We're dog people! Who get together. And day drink.

They say it's not drinking alone if you're with your dog, and we say it's better with a lot of dogs.

We started Pooch & Hooch to create a community where dog people stay out with their dogs longer. The concept originated 10 years ago in 2009 when Nala (chocolate lab mix) first came into the house. This is when dog parks and day drinking started. As dog parents, we visit dog parks on a routine basis and start to see the same faces here and there. When I was first going to my neighborhood dog park with my puppy Nala, the group of us started calling ourselves "the dog park crew" and brought picnic style lunches/dinners with libations and music. This continued to grow where we would have a bit of a following and became close friends with each other. So close that my now husband and I met through our dog park crew (his dog was best-man and Nala was maid-of-honor).

Pooch & Hooch is a business I created that's a mobile cocktail bar for off leash dog parks. I have been operating for only a few months popping up at select locations in South Florida. The business model is serving beverages and a place to hang. Our pop-up locations are on a Special Event permitted basis and will be listed here.

Let's schedule some times to get together in between formal Pooch & Hooch events! I'm looking forward to having your suggestions on where and when to get together.

Past events (11)

Lucky Dog Party

3299 SW 4th Ave

Super Dog Bowl Saturday @ Snyder Park

3299 SW 4th Ave

Winter Weekends @ Snyder Park

3299 SW 4th Ave

Hounds' Holidays @ Snyder Park

3299 SW 4th Ave

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