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This is a group for Asian people who are interested in singing pop-music or if not want to participate in singing but just love to listen only to other professionals sing LIVE Karaoke, you are welcomed to join. As the name of this meetup indicates, We hope many Asians participate.

I want this meetup group to be a very professional singers environment group so all members can enjoy real LIVE professional singers.

My goal is to start a Asian Professional Singers Band , later we can preform in a Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other Asian community festival and events.

I don't know how this meetup will turn out.

Let's just get together , enjoy professional pop-music singing !

Where Do We Meet ? ------- Option # 1 : We can meet at a local Karaoke place with great Sound Systems, not with crappy sound systems.

This Option # 1 , All attendees must share the Karaoke fees and pay for your own drinks or foods.

Option # 2 : A member's house that has a good karaoke system and speakers. If anyone kindly willing.

The Option # 2 , attendees bring their own food and drinks ... or arranged otherwise.

Please be one of the followings ;

- I am a Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Fillippino, ... or other Asian ,, etc. ( I don't want to type all the Asian countries here)
- I love to sing popsongs.
- I am a professional level singer.
- I don't sing, but I love to listen and watch professional level singers sing LIVE.

Minimum Attendees : 3
How often we meet ? --- Once a Month

Any one has any good ideas or comments, or questions, please Call/Text me . 281-760-5170

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