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Learn to Cook! - Adventures with Vegetables II

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Whole Food Cooking Class

Adventures with Vegetables II

If you think you don’t like turnips or beets, think again! In this 4-hour class we will experience root and leafy vegetables, light and firmer vegetables. We’ll play with various cooking methods, including

• Roasting
• Mashing
• Braising
• Stir frying
• Steaming
• And more!

You will come to see vegetables in a whole new light and learn how to coax the best flavors out of each type of vegetable.

We will discuss how to integrate different vegetables into a meal, and how to make a meal just from vegetables. For this class, we will predominantly use seasonal ingredients, so your experience will differ from the first vegetable class, in case you attended.

You will get to eat our tasty creations, so don't worry about dinner. And you will take some home as well. Deliciousness guaranteed!

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.



Cooking Class General Information

Each class is suited for any level of experience. All classes last approximately four hours and include demonstrations and hands-on practice. You get food to eat and some things to take home, depending on what we are preparing. Recipes are posted to Pages after the class.

In each class we:

• focus on fresh, unprocessed foods that are as close to their original form as possible
• learn about nutritional and health benefits of various foods, spices, and herbs, as well as oils and fats
• hone resourcefulness
• learn which foods love each other, which combinations work
• practice meal planning
• learn and practice handy knife skills
• explore the nature of a wide variety of foods so that you can improvise with ease
• eat and have a good time