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Join us to discuss the Nobel prize winning work on the structure of DNA. We'll be diving into the Watson's and Crick's race to discover the source code of life as published in the article "A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid" Nature. 1953. Watson, J.D. & Crick, F.H.C.

PortLab is group of like-minded yet diverse people, sharing a passion for biology and bio-tech. The Journal Club meets regularly to discuss an area of scientific interest using a peer-reviewed scientific paper as the centerpiece. A member will suggest a topic and a research article for the group to read and discuss. Each meeting begins with a summary of the chosen paper followed by lively discussion. This is an interactive event for participants to ask questions, inquire about aspects of the experimental design, comment on methods, and bring a healthy amount of skepticism to the results.