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We don't break things, We build things. This is not a group for reformists.

Clearing up misconceptions of anarchism and explore its true meaning. Building community with likeminded people. We come up with topics collectively. Some topic ideas may include and are not limited to, abolishing harmful unstated social norms that are often taken for granted, ie. Perhaps redefining our notions of personal space, do we really need to lay claim to the air around us on top of owning the land beneath our feet? Questioning all who assume authoritative rolls, deconstructing & reconstructing modern education systems, promoting non consumerist social interaction, building community, can't we come up with something better than the bar, restaurant, concert, and festival? renting, buying, or. Occupying land and/or buildings in close proximity to other people involved in the movement, redefining private property, community reinvigoration homesteading, looking to the panthers for guidance, worker cooperatives, community children's breakfast, helping establish a spiritual foundation for the movement, community public art space reclamation, helping redefine mental illness, and perhaps provide a social role for the mentally I'll as mystics, diviners. establishing the supremacy of social consciousness and interpersonal consideration over science based intellectual acumen. Community music, dance, ritual, and possession as a way to unite with common purpose..

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