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An Heavy AWS User's First Look at Azure

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Presentation by Fernando Medina Corey, Lead Cloud Architect at Witekio.

If you're coming from an AWS background like me and transitioning to an organization that relies heavily on Azure this talk is for you. We'll go over a bunch of high-level concepts you'll need to know to feel comfortable transitioning from an AWS environment to Azure.

We'll look at things like organization and account structure, how particular AWS resources translate to Azure and some of the quirks and hangouts you might encounter if you've been focused in the AWS world before.


This is a joint meeting with the joint meeting of the Portland Azure User Group & the Portland SharePoint User Group.


11:30am: Call opens for general Q&A related to Azure or SharePoint.

12:00pm: Main presentation begins.

1:00pm: Presentation concludes, call will remain active until 1:30pm.

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