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Welcome to Portland Metro Backgammon! Since 2009, we have been facilitating the play of the world's best game. We would love to have you join us.

* Who should join: Anyone who likes to play backgammon is welcome. We are open to beginners and are working to provide good challenges to experienced players as well.

* Why should you join: To meet and play with others.

* What can members expect out of the group: We have regular tournaments to play against others, for fun and/or profit.

* Community: Regulars get to know one another over the board. We track results to provide you with an Elo score so that you can find and play people close to your level.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Beginner/Rusty Player Backgammon Lesson

Needs a location

Show up early for our tournament, and take part in a lesson to help you hone your backgammon skills!

The lesson will consist of a 3 point match, participants against me. Each person will take a turn making the moves - deciding on cube action and moves after the roll in consultation with the rest of the participants and with my comment right after you make the move. I will also fully explain my thought process for each of my moves. Hopefully, it will be informative and fun!

Limited seats available for this event. Suggested $10 donation appreciated, but not required.

Stay for the tournament right after!

See you there!

Monthly Backgammon Tournament

Needs a location

Our monthly backgammon tournament series returns! Come and join in the fun! Note we're on a Saturday this time due to (my) scheduling constraints!

We will be using the 3-point match/8 person semi-Swiss bracket structure. Tournaments are double-elimination, which means that if you lose in your first round, you still have a shot at 2nd place. After two losses, you are out, but welcome to hang around and play some pick-up games!

Entry fee is $10. There are two (2!) side pools available, each at $20, for those of you who want to play for higher stakes. I take a $10 rake out of each bracket/side pool to help cover the costs of the group, but the rest goes to prize money for 1st/2nd.

See you there!

2nd Sunday Backgammon

Needs a location

Second Sunday Backgammon, hosted by Sande!
*Beginner to Veterans
*Bring your own board
*Lessons available
*2 out of 3 matches
*Acey Ducey (maybe)
*Not a tournament event, no fees, no prizes
*Fun, food, and friends

If you have questions, you can contact Sande at [masked]

Road to Vegas Part 1

Needs a location

Are you thinking of going to the [http://NVBG](Las Vegas Open), or just interested in a higher equity, longer match opportunity? Get your mind set for the big event!

$100 entry, 11/9 point match, clocks preferred, ABT rules! What does that mean?
* We will draw into a bracket as usual
* We will play 11 point matches in the Main Bracket - this is much longer than our usual, each match will take probably 90 minutes-2 hours
* We will play 9 point matches in the Consolation Bracket - still much longer than our usual, each match will take probably an hour to 90 minutes.
* Game clocks will be set on a 2/15 basis - that is, 2 minutes per point of match (so 22 minutes total) with a 15 second delay. If you have a game clock, please bring it - I will have one spare clock. "Clocks preferred" means you technically can play without one, but only if both players agree they aren't needed - it's good to practice with one if you're playing in tournaments.
* Matches are played with 1 set of dice shared by the two players - hit the clock to signal you are done with your move (instead of picking up your dice as you would playing with two pairs of dice)
* Double elimination - losing in the main (until the final) means you drop to the consolation bracket.

This is the same structure as the Intermediate Division of the Las Vegas Open (without the "Last Chance" bracket, but we only have so much time).

My hope is to fill an 8 person bracket, with 1st place paying out $340 (enough to cover your intermediate entry fee + the side pool + your registration fee (assuming you stay at the Golden Nugget)), 2nd place & winner of the Consolation paying out $200 (enough to cover your entry fee). If we can't fill the bracket (or we overfill an 8 person bracket), payouts to be adjusted down, or up, or adding more payout positions.

Because this event is likely to take longer than the 4 hours I have scheduled it for, players should also register for the "Road to Vegas Part 2", one week later! If you're eliminated from the Main/Consolation, we'll even do some "side events" at that one! What will they be? No idea - speed gammon? DMP? Blitz? Depends on what people are interested in!

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Monthly Backgammon Tournament

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