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What we’re about

We're a casual group of Portland/Vancouver area amateur musicians who get together to jam, make music, and have a laugh. We foster a relaxed, comfortable, and supportive environment, where everybody gets a chance to participate. If you're curious as to the sorts of experience you can expect at one of our events, you can check out our Youtube channel. .

We tend to schedule one large-group meeting per month, at a venue which can hold large numbers of musicians, where we like to include all level of musicians, and every different musical style. Other, smaller jam sessions are set up by group members, depending on their personal tastes and preferences, and there is a decent suite of online scheduling tools available to those members who wish to set up their own events and coordinate with other members.

This is also the scheduling site for Bad Wolf Music, a Portland-based music-coaching service for musicians seeking to move their personal music endeavors forward a notch.    Bad Wolf Music offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and events designed to give musicians of all levels opportunities to expand their horizons.

Check out our calendar page for some of our scheduled events! Some of our members are semi-professional, some are just starting out, but everybody is welcome. Some of our members are active in the local Open Mike scene, and some are excellent resources when it comes to sources of other types of jam sessions. Here's looking forward to some great music!

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