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Calling all cheese lovers!!! I LOVE cheese! All types, textures, and flavors. I am constantly searching for and discovering new (to me) dairy deliciousness! I would love to delve further into the world of dairy and I am hopeful that there are other languishing palates in search of cheesy comrades. Plus, there is so much to learn about luscious pressed milk. This Meetup is for enthusiastic, albeit gassy and occasionally bloated, cheese lovers who want to learn more, taste more, and if so inclined, teach other members of the Curd Clan about our monthly featured cheese. Our first meeting will include a selection of cheeses, introductions, and an opportunity to discuss different ideas and activities in pursuit of our love for cheese, as we move forward. We can also choose a member/s of the PDX Cheese Curds to participate and lead a discussion on the monthly featured cheese. I am so thrilled about this Meetup!

Our first meeting will be scheduled for Saturday, April 27th from 4 pm till 6:30 pm. Meetup location TBA.

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Favorite Cheese Meetup

Needs a location

Marina & Joel have graciously offered to open their home on Saturday afternoon for my "favorite cheese" gathering. Each attendee will bring some of their favorite cheese and if so inclined, tell the group a bit of history, type, region, etc, and/or funny story about the cheese. Also if you'd like to combine your favorite adult beverage with the cheeses, feel free to bring a bottle with you as well. I will provide fresh breads and fruits to accompany our cheeses. Marina has agreed to provide some light appetizers. Once you've RSVPed feel free to list the cheese you will bring.

8th Annual Portland Beer and Cheese Festival

Culmination Brewing

Portland's 8th Annual Beer and Cheese Festival (Produced by the owner of Chizu) is just around the corner, Saturday, June 15th. This delicious event will include 10 beer tastings paired with 10 selected cheeses. All fellow cheese lovers that are interested in attending the festival with other adoring cheese curds, let's do it! Price is $37. For more information and to purchase tickets please follow the link: https://www.merctickets.com/events/95184460/portland-beer-and-cheese-festival Thank you to fellow cheese curd Ken for sharing this info!

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Cheeseup PDX,


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