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Let's get together, have some coffee and fill up a sketchbook page or two! This group brings together creative people that love to sketch. Whether you draw from imagination, reference photos, or people sketching, this is a place to get together and make some art. We can explore different coffee shops in the Portland area as well as explore other venues where the "sketch wildlife" is pretty interesting. Such as the food court at the mall, grocery store cafes, events, and other places.

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Sheltered In Place With My Art-Supplies: OPEN SHARE! (w/ graffiti option)

UPDATE COVID19: I'm still providing opportunities to interact online and will have more actual gatherings coming up as restrictions allow. Note: Disregard any map information in this posting. The platform likes to throw in these maps, even if they're not relevant. This is an online-sharing event. What has our members been working on? This is an open-share opportunity. Share what you like! As an option, our city is brimming with awesome street-art! Most of us will never know what it's like to do actual graffiti, but for those interested in wrapping their minds around it, let's try our hand at Graffiti! If you're not sure what to do, a popular thing to do is illustrate with effects the word that you've chosen within the lettering! For example, maybe illustrate the word 'Water' in a splashing-water lettering style coming out of a sink! Or illustrate the word 'Fire' written in fire or 'Slime', 'Brainz', 'Glass', 'Stone' or 'Rust' in rusty metal parts. The possibilities are endless and all up to you! Markers is typically the weapon of choice. Then upload photos of your work and check out the work of others! The photo attached is the work of an artist named 'Vile', who has done some incredible work. (note: it may only allow us to post on Wednesday). One great thing about being sheltered in place is the enormous amount of potential for growth. It is my sincere wish for everyone’s health and happiness in 2021. I look forward to drawing with you in the future!

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Sheltered In Place With My Art-Supplies: Krampus-Draw!

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