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Let's get together, have some coffee and fill up a sketchbook page or two!
This group brings together creative people that love to sketch. Whether you draw from imagination, reference photos, or people sketching, this is a place to get together and make some art. We can explore different coffee shops in the Portland area as well as explore other venues where the "sketch wildlife" is pretty interesting. Such as the food court at the mall, grocery store cafes, events, and other places.

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Tschabalala Self: Group-Study & Portrait-Session! Free! Masks Optional.

Join us at the FARM for a Group-Study in STYLE, Celebrating the Work of Tschabalala Self! Tschabalala Self is an American Artist born in Harlem, New York! She is best-known for her depictions of black females as icons and black femininity. Our exploration of her work will mainly be concerned with the creation of characters & caricature using both paint and collage to build representations of ourselves and/or others.

Paint, canvas-board, and brushes will be supplied, however, you are free to bring materials as you wish. One thing that is personal to each of us is our taste in patterns. Please bring collage-materials that have patterns that you like! I will bring some patterned-paper, but it may be limited. If you have old clothing you no longer wear, maybe mix in strips of actual denim into your painting.

Our materials will include paint and collage!

The plan is to spend a bit of time in open-discussion about
her style and then try to lay out our own similar compositions, in contexts that we choose! Washing the car, doing laundry, walking in the park, whatever context you'd like to present. Her work is very caricatured and bold. The curves of the figures, and the patterns that define people! You can choose to do a portrait of whomever you wish, a self-portrait, or family-portrait! Make it inventive, wild, and imaginative!
Everybody’s process will be different.

Coffee, tea, water, and a restroom are provided. In this day and age, that needs to be spelled out, right?

COVID19: Masks will not be required indoors at the FARM, however, you are free to exercise your personal rights to continue to wear one.

This is not a bar, but it is a 21 and over establishment. We welcome all races and ethnicities, genders, sexual-orientations, and languages!

This event is FREE. For those that wish to tip to keep the club going, the recommended tip amount is $[masked].

I look forward to drawing & Painting with you!

"Red!" A Life-Drawing Session with Rebekkah Hillman! $10.00 Masks Optional.

Join us once again on Sunday, May 29th, from 6:00-8:30pm for a Life-Drawing Session at the FARM with model, Rebekkah Hillman!

“Red!” has been created with the Graphic-Novelist in mind. Many of our members are fans of Anime, and some are even working on their own Graphic-Novels. “Red!” has also been designed so that red is the only real color on set.. This makes it easier to focus on line and value.

Rebekkah will be holding 7 poses on our stage, each pose ranging from :10 - :30 minutes with breaks worked into our set and time at the end for sharing.

*note: our model will be in costume. (This is not a nude-session)

And of course bring your favorite art-supplies. This is a good time to mention that we have a free coffee-bar and a selection of teas. Beer & Alcohol is B.Y.O.B.

Our club is a safe-space. We welcome ALL skill-levels, Races and Ethnicities, Religions, Countries of Origin, Gender Identities, Sexual Orientations, and spoken-languages. This is a 21 and over event.

Tips to the model should go directly to the model!

The Recommended tip amount for the Meetup is $1.00-$2.00 (to keep the club going).

I look forward to drawing with you!

AlSO! If anybody would like to participate in the "International Mural By Mail" project, let me know, and I can put you in touch with John Daniel Teply. Check out his website and facebook page to learn more!


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Coffee and Sketch at Rose City Coffee Co.

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