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Explore the truth of "The Afterlife – how “Life is eternal” and exists through our ancient texts, comparative religion, art, and native traditions. Mediumship, psychic communication with the Afterlife & stories of Near Death Experience. Come together with Afterlife experts & Authors explore, speak, teach & share about their experiences. Learn about ancient techniques for communicating with the Afterlife. Learn how animals survive death, use art, ritual & ceremony to help work through grief & loss.

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Book Launch Party


Book Launch Party celebrating the release of book 3 in the Billionaire Series. Pleases rsvp me if you can come since we are in a very small space, and might have to move to a bigger house/ location. The billionaire series is about reincarnation, the afterlife, human trafficking, music, fame, power, meditation, sound frequency and much more. Listen to an interview here: https://vimeo.com/366140364 The Story: “The Billionaire Full Disclosure” Summary Disclosure is underway on all levels as Eli is guided into another dimension of his journey. Michael, his spirit guide, is once again showing him the future and teaches Eli how the system that controls earth, is crumbling and the old paradigm structures that have kept humanity within a distinct frequency range are on their way out of our reality. Within this is the very important truth of our connection to the cosmos and Extraterrestrial heritage. Through remote viewing, Eli is shown that our planet is far more cosmic than the majority of the world may realize and how this information has unconsciously and consciously been kept from the masses through fear, in order to impose a matrix-like existence that does not encourage personal growth, spirituality, compassion, and higher dimensional wisdom. During one of his remote viewing sessions, he enters Area 51 and finds out some of the sinister plans of the shadow government. Michael shows Eli how these mechanisms no longer serve humanity and that they are fading out creating opportunities for disclosure and truth so Eli may experience a collective shift in consciousness. Eli is visited by Extraterrestrials and learns how many world religions derive their text from ancient scriptures that speak of star beings and much of humanity's ancient wisdom centers around the stars. The moment is now for FULL DISCLOSURE!!!

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Quantum Transformation thru Human Design & Biofeedback

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