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Have you always been curious about crop circles and what they mean? Have you wondered who makes them and why? Of course you have! You are not alone, and we are not alone, so let’s have some cosmic fun together!

This is a co-created opportunity for information sharing with those who are interested in the intelligence of crop circles. A terrestrial celestial party of sorts with an orientation towards activating expanded levels of consciousness.

We will be watching several short videos about crop circles, each followed by open dialogue about circle facts, information and experiences. We also have a fascinating and informative slide show! Skepticism, curiosity and intrigue are welcome!

Those who are called to gather for this event will find each other in the good company of seekers, misfits and geniuses who know that something significant has been happening in the fields of southern England for quite a while now.

It will be held at New Renaissance Bookstore at1338 NW 23rd Ave. $25
Saturday the 22nd from 2:00-4:00 pm

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Crop Circle Deep Dive

Nalu Kava Bar


Join me for an afternoon immersion of all things Crop Circles! We will be exploring the consciousness expanding aspects of Crop Circles by watching visually stunning Crop Circles; meditating with them and drawing them, all while learning outrageously intriguing information. Not only that! For the first hour we will be joining in on Karen Alexander's 2019 Crop circle season online webinar! "Crop Circles and Geometry of the 2019 season: Webinar catch-up with what's been happening in the fields". How cool is that!? This event is a co-created group experience for those who are called to crop circles and resonate with the high vibrational frequencies of cosmic intelligence. By spending time with the crop circles, you are actually amplifying these frequencies within yourself and the collective. This is actually a major way we can contribute to the awakening of human consciousness. No kidding, getting together and nerding out on crop circles is an important aspect of planetary service! AND! This is your star family! Come meet your people and feel like a genius that your in on the cosmic joke! If you are drawn to join this gathering you will be in the best company of galactic misfits and feel right at home. It's a bonanza of galactic fun! Side effects may include significantly altered reality, expanded sensory capacity, extra-terrestrial intelligence, greater sense of peace and wellness, trust in the interconnection of all things and increased joy. I'm hosting it at Nalu Kava bar which is the sweetest little Kava bar in Portland in the Mississippi district! $115. $105 pre-reg ~ recommended as it's a small space. Message me to save your spot! bring snacks, kava available! * Nadi Hana is a Portland-based artist and teacher. She has been sharing her knowledge about Sacred Geometry, Crop Formations and Human Consciousness through public presentations and her signature drawing workshops since 2015.

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Crop Circle Explorations and Activation!

New Renaissance Bookshop


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