Dial-In Design Weekly: Remote Improv Games for Creativity & Collaboration

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Yeah, you read that right. Remote. Improv. You're stuck working from home, and Zoom 'meetings' with your team have felt like punishments, right? Join Bay Area design strategist and master facilitator Dana Mitroff Silvers in an online version of a break-out session she led at Google’s 2019 SprintCon in Boulder, CO, and learn how to make those meetings crackle with creativity and collaboration.

When you hear the term improv, you may think of stand-up comedy or icebreakers. But improv can be a powerful tool for productive, creative, and collaborative workshops, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and design sessions.

Why improv games, warm-ups, and icebreakers?
* Build trust and flexibility
* Foster comfort with ambiguity
* Empower your team members to be better, bolder design thinkers

Everyone who joined our Feb. 24 event on Facilitating Icebreakers and Energizers will already know how useful (and how much fun) this is. Put down the remote control and join us. Our goal is to help Dana develop a new set of her Sprints Games Cards that are adapted to fully remote situations (see more here: https://bit.ly/2xzBnEF)

See you on April 9.